The KLUGeye Vision

Large organizations are becoming more reliant on IT for every aspect of their business. Without their systems, their business grinds to a halt – no production, no sales, no supply chain… nothing.

Modern systems are becoming more complex, more inter-connected, and more difficult to support and the software for enterprise support teams has simply not kept pace.

This has to change.

KLUGeye will

  • Support sophisticated applications like SAP at the application level, integrating deeply to intelligently understand the complete context.
  • Watch over all your systems in real-time, never sleeping, always alerting your support team when necessary.
  • Provide proactive advice on configuration or tuning changes to prevent future problems.
  • Intelligently provide the right information and tools to help your support experts quickly and efficiently fix problems.

KLUGeye for SAP

For many international businesses, their SAP systems were the most important-and most difficult to support.

Just monitoring and analysing SAP systems at the operating system and hardware level only provided a small window into what was really happening inside. So KLUGeye was architected to have a deep knowledge of the SAP applications and application-level infrastructure such as BASIS.

KLUGeye was designed and built specifically for SAP applications, using SAP APIs, security protocols, and respecting SAP operational requirements so that no load is placed on SAP production systems.

KLUGeye means wise owl

The name KLUGeye is derived from the German word “klug” meaning wise – KLUGeye literally means wise eyes.

KLUGeye will keep your systems healthy to keep your business processes running quickly, securely, and reliably.

KLUGeye Customers

KLUGeye keeps mission-critical SAP systems running healthily for international companies, including

  • Hyundai Hysco
  • Korea East-West Power
  • Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power
  • Korea Midland Power
  • WiniaMando
KLUGeye customers including Hyundai Hysco, Korea East-West Power, WiniaMando
Watch how KLUGeye can diagnose and heal Your SAP systems.