Continuously analyzing thousands of operational events


  • Peak response times
  • Overloaded resources
  • Bottlenecks


  • Unusual usage
  • Multiple logins
  • Non-compliance


  • Bandwidth congestion
  • Error rates
  • Response time variances

Warning You of Potential Failures, Threats, and Downtime

KLUGeye builds a simulated model encompassing each of your SAP systems, their inter-dependencies, usage patterns, typical load profiles, expected peaks and troughs. It uses KLUGeye’s algorithms and benchmark data to intelligently assess the health of your SAP systems and warn you of potential problems.

Sifting Through Complex Data – What’s Vital & Important

The KLUGeye engine processes massive amounts of metrics data, constantly updating its model. Every metric is checked against threshold targets individually and within the context of the overall model. Together two or three small warnings may indicate a larger problem is building up — or a gradual deterioration over a few weeks may be a symptom of an imminent hardware failure.

The KLUGeye engine assesses the likelihood and severity of each problem using a network of linked nodes to determine the root cause and model possible outcomes to determine the impact on your business operations. KLUGeye analyses all the systems machine and application level performance, security, and implied analytics metrics for you — highlighting areas that need attention.

Real-Time Operational Dashboard Overview

KLUGeye dashboards monitoring SAP in real-time

See for yourself, at any time how healthy your SAP systems are. Scan an overview for the big picture and dive in when you need to check individual components.

KLUGeye includes a full suite of browser-based multi-dimensional analytical reports to chart trends over time. Reports integration to Microsoft Office tools such as Excel is available as standard but also we can provide integration to a number of BI & Analytics platforms. Please contact us to understand more about this capability this 3rd party software platform integration.

Notifications to Warn the Right People at the Right Time

KLUGeye mobile alerts
You can setup automatic alerts to notify key staff and management when serious security, performance, compliance, or reliability problems have been detected or predicted.

  • When – under which conditions should people be sent automatic alerts?
  • Who – for each condition which people should receive the alert?
  • How – should the alert be sent by email, SMS text message, or both?

Alert messages explain why the alert was triggered and provide links to the relevant diagnostic tools.

Over 40+ Pre-Built Analytical Library including

  • ABAP dump occurrence
  • AP Server – maximum users
  • Average transaction response time
  • Batch job execution
  • CPU utilization
  • Expensive SQL
  • Memory utilization
  • Network usage
  • Tablespace utilization
  • Top N Transactions – longest response times
  • Top N Transactions – transaction type
  • Top N Users – connection time
  • Top N Users – longest response times
  • Top N Users – most transactions
  • Unused programs
  • User ID Compliance

See for yourself how KLUGeye can analyze the health of your SAP systems and notify you of what’s going on.