KLUGeye has been engineered from the outset to passively monitor SAP systems. KLUGeye’s three-tier architecture ensures data is collected, streamed and analyzed using the KLUGeye server, providing a fast, lightweight deployment approach.

KLUGeye lightweight, real-time architecture

KLUGeye uses SAP’s RFC protocol to efficiently gather detailed systems data from SAP systems based on ABAP or Java. This data is stored and analysed on the KLUGeye server to ensure there is no processing overhead on the SAP systems.

KLUGeye stores full history of all the detailed machine and application level data to build a complete performance, security, and performance profile and underpin KLUGeye’s analysis and diagnosis capability.

Alerts can be configured to notify key operations personnel or management via eMail or SMS as required. To access KLUGeye you can use KLUGeye’s browser-based user interface.

Understand how KLUGeye can improve your SAP system reliability, performance, and security.