KLUGeye Keeps Your SAP Systems Healthy.

Software for Real-Time Monitoring, Automation & Analytics

KLUGeye watching SAP systems health

Downtime costs

SAP downtime costs $300,000.00—$700,000.00 per hour

IBM study 2012


SAP security vulnerabilities

2,000 SAP security vulnerabilities identified. 69% are high priority

ERP Scan 2011


Internal fraud 7 percent of revenue

US internal fraud losses

SAP Security Survey (ACFE) 2011


KLUGeye platform

KLUGeye platform

KLUGeye SAP processes monitor analyze diagnose


Reliability V Flexibility
Don’t choose, have both

SAP Reliability and Flexibility


  • Prevention not cure
  • Avoid $500,000/hour downtime
  • Simplifies SAP for IT
  • IT more responsive for business

See for Yourself how KLUGeye can improve the health of Your SAP systems.