Watching Your SAP Systems Everywhere, All the Time

KLUGeye uses SAP’s performance management remote function module (RFM) to gather resource metrics from each SAP system at the machine (hardware, operating system) and application (Database, Application Server covering ABAP, JAVA) levels. This data is continuously streamed via SAP remote function calls (RFCs) to the KLUGeye database. Usually, a single KLUGeye server can support all your SAP environment and landscape globally, however we can provide guidance on the best architecture option to support your SAP and Non-SAP enterprise architecture.

Important Data

Hundreds of metrics including

  • Active users
  • Response times
  • Data locks
  • Memory utilization
  • CPU utilization
  • Disk I/O
  • SAP Queues
  • ABAP Errors
  • Transaction counts
  • Peak SQL response times
  • Downtime
  • Network response times

Collecting the Vital and Important Data

KLUGeye automatically captures the most important performance, security (authorisations), and availability data for your SAP systems. There are key metrics that repeatedly prove to be the most important to track – highlighting

  • Performance bottlenecks e.g. expensive SQL queries or non-performing batch jobs
  • Security or Authorisation concerns e.g. number of password resets or multi-user logins
  • Potential failures e.g. unusual memory utilization, CPU bound workload or high error rates

Data Points are Meaningless in Isolation, Context is Essential

Combining and comparing data reveals far more insight than individual data points. KLUGeye algorithms automatically process the data in real-time to:

  • Watch trends and load distribution
  • Detect bottlenecks and cascading errors
  • Identify exceptions and abnormal conditions

KLUGeye’s algorithms intelligently watch over your SAP systems far more efficiently than humans ever can. A single KLUGeye server can watch over multiple SAP systems – whether you are using SAP ERP, CRM, BW, SRM, SCM or Enterprise Portal – 24 hours a day, 365 Days a Year.

KLUGeye keeps your SAP systems healthy by

  • Continuously measuring performance
  • Allowing you to understand security and authorisation risks
  • Probing for early warnings of future system failures
  • Collecting thousands of data points every second, minute and hour
  • Monitoring the vital signs of your SAP systems at the machine and application level
Understand how KLUGeye can monitor and track the health of Your SAP systems.