KLUGeye ensures your SAP systems are healthy by providing a complete solution to automate and support the complete SAP operations management process.

KLUGeye SAP processes monitor analyze diagnose
  • MonitorKLUGeye captures performance metrics and event data from SAP systems and non-SAP systems.
  • TrackCaptured data is securely stored within KLUGeye’s own database.
  • AnalyzePatented algorithms intelligently compare metrics against trends to spot early warning signs.
  • NotifyKey nominated staff will be notified when warning thresholds have been reached to allow your triage to commence.
  • DiagnoseSoftware tools dramatically speed up the process of pinpointing the root cause.
  • ResolveKLUGeye’s is focussed on significantly reducing the mean time to resolution to protect your SAP service
  • PreventKLUGeye continually collects machine and application level data for operational, periodic and input for predictive analytics of your SAP environment

Understand how you can improve the health of your SAP systems.