Median SAP downtime costs $300,000-$700,000 per hour

SAP: Sophisticated and Mission-Critical

SAP provides sophisticated, powerful applications that can be highly configured and customized to run the most complex businesses in the world. These organizations rely on highly-skilled specialists to ensure that every aspect of IT best practices is applied.

Over time, businesses become more reliant on their SAP systems as SAP is extended to more business units and processes. As additional SAP modules are implemented, non-SAP systems need to be integrated, user numbers increase, new user roles are created, and more ambitious customizations are deployed.

Increasingly Complex Over Time

Each addition increases the amount of IT support needed, and dramatically increases the complexity for IT support and operations. Every change has a knock-on effect… increasing dependencies, modifying processes, changing user roles from their original purposes, adding data, placing additional load on systems resources, reducing overnight windows for systems maintenance jobs.

The strain on IT systems continually ramps up as data volumes increase, and more processing power and bandwidth are required.

64% organizations require < 1 min. downtime per week

54% SAP customers trying to reduce downtime – costs increase exponentially

Challenge for IT

Even when IT can keep hiring skilled experienced specialists and adding servers – it is difficult to keep up. SAP is so powerful and sophisticated that it is almost impossible to catch every warning sign, every hardware failure, every security flag, and every application error. So much time can be spent responding to user support requests that IT can no longer devote enough time to proactively addressing systems issues, which in turn leads to more support problems.

Hidden Danger

However the big concern for IT directors and auditors is that in an environment like this, everyone is rushing around “putting out fires” and critical problems may build up unnoticed. If your systems logs routinely have thousands of errors per day, can you be sure someone will spot a security breach or early indicators of hardware failures? Similarly, it can become very difficult to detect segregation of duties issues as roles and authorization change over time. This could lead to major commercial losses through internal fraud, external fraud, or downtime.

2,000 SAP security vulnerabilities identified – 69% are high priority

US internal fraud losses = 7% of revenue

KLUGeye – Automatically Ensure Your SAP Systems are Healthy

Instead of depending on a team of highly-qualified SAP operations specialists to constantly monitor every aspect of your SAP systems, you can rely on KLUGeye to automatically ensure

  • Robust security and compliance monitoring
  • Fast response times even during the busiest times
  • Highly available systems with minimum downtime

KLUGeye automates the routine and data-intensive aspects of SAP operations management, keeping your SAP systems healthy and enabling your SAP experts to concentrate on supporting your business users.

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